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Microphone Collection


Along with aquiring guitars, amps, drums and keyboards, over the years, we've obtained various Beatle related microphones.

These have been used on stage, in the studio and for photo shoots.



Altec Lansing Model 633A  Omnidirectional dynamic microphone used at the Washington Coliseum show in 1964.

Great area or distant mic. Nearly flat response. Cant get too close or it will distort. Slight high end roll off.



Neumann Model U47

Vintage 50s tube mic. Used extensively in the studio at Abbey Road on just about everything but mainly vocals.

One of the most sought after vintage tube mics on the planet. Wonderful definition without sounding harsh.



Grampian Model DP2

Dynamic mic used by John in The Quarrymen

Used in photo shoot



Reslo Model RV

One of a variety of ribbon microphones used in The Cavern Club.

Good midrange and low end. Smooth high end.



AKG Model D19B, D19E, and D19L

A real workhorse of a dynamic microphone used in the studio and live on just about everything...drum overhead, vocals, guitars...etc.

It has a nice edge without any harsh bite and great midrange. A good mic for the screamers!



RCA Model BK1A

Desktop mic used in interviews. Non working and is very quiet.



Sennheiser Model MD421

Used live as a vocal mic. This great large diaphragm cardioid dynamic mic has a boost at 4-5 kHz making it a great choice for vocals.

Also captures high SPL levels and low end making it good for bass drum as well.



Grampian Model DP4

Used as a vocal mic by Paul and George in the BBC documentary 'Mersey Sound'. Not working.


11 and 19

AKG  Model C60 with AKG W60 wind screens

Tube condenser microphone as used on the first and second Ed Sullivan Shows.

These were used at our Deauville Hotel Show to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles performing their second Ed Sullivan show there.

Same kind of mics in the same room. Great top end and captures two-on-a-mic well.



Various Reslo ribbon mic as used in The Cavern Club.

Pictured in many live shots in The Cavern Club, These ribbon mics are similar in sound.

Very smooth sounding with a high end roll off. #12 and #18 are the Mics we used live when we played The Cavern in 2001.

You can see those pics in a pervious post here on 1964coolstorage.com.



Another Sennheiser Model MD21

Dynamic mic used for vocals at The Star Club in Hamburg, Germany

Used for photo shoot



Ronette/ Schumann Model MKS2-6

Strange long gooseneck dymanic mic used for vocals at the Indra Club

Used for photo shoot


Hope you enjoyed this post. Many thanks to Roy Goode and Rob Murray