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Vox AC-100 Amplifiers

This trio of stage amps perfectly reproduced by North Coast Music is what the Beatles used live from 1964 until they started using US made solid state Thomas Organ Super Beatle amps in 1966.


These were state of the art amps in 1964 and are just as formitable today. Three AC-100 tube heads that are loud and relatively clean. Center and right are the guitar cabs housing 4-12" silver Celestion speakers and 2 Midax high frequency horns.


On the left is the bass rig that houses two 15 inch Celestion speakers.


The guitar amps are heavy, loud, clean and bright thanks to the high frequency horns. The bass amp has a deep punchy sound but lacks the volume to keep up with the guitar amps. This threesome is what stadiums of fans heard (or didn't) as the Beatles started the British invasion of America.